How WhatsApp Makes Money

In today’s digital age, messaging platforms have become an integral part of our daily lives. Among these platforms, WhatsApp stands out as one of the most popular and widely used messaging apps globally. But have you ever wondered how WhatsApp, despite its free service, manages to make money? In this article, we will delve into the intricate ways in which WhatsApp generates revenue and sustains its operations.

Advertising-Free Model

One of the key factors that set WhatsApp apart from many other social media platforms is its ad-free model. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, WhatsApp does not display advertisements to its users. This decision was made to maintain the simplicity and user experience of the app, which has garnered a loyal user base over the years.

Monetization through Business Accounts

While individual users may not pay to use WhatsApp, the platform has found a way to monetize through business accounts. WhatsApp Business offers a suite of tools for small and large businesses to communicate with their customers effectively. Companies pay a fee to access features such as automated messages, business profiles, and analytics, allowing them to engage with customers in a more personalized manner.

WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp has also ventured into the realm of digital payments with WhatsApp Pay. This feature enables users to send and receive money securely through the app, similar to other mobile payment services. WhatsApp Pay is currently available in select countries and generates revenue through transaction fees.

Data Sharing with Facebook

Since its acquisition by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp has faced scrutiny over its data sharing practices. While WhatsApp ensures end-to-end encryption for user messages, it does share certain information with its parent company for targeted advertising. This data sharing arrangement with Facebook contributes to WhatsApp’s revenue stream.

  • WhatsApp’s data sharing policy with Facebook allows the social media giant to leverage user data for targeted advertising.
  • While some users may have privacy concerns, this data sharing generates revenue for WhatsApp.

Subscription Model

In the past, WhatsApp used a subscription-based model where users paid a nominal fee after the first year of usage. However, this model was phased out in 2016, and WhatsApp became completely free for users. Despite this change, WhatsApp continues to explore new revenue streams to support its operations.

While WhatsApp remains primarily a free messaging platform for individual users, the app has successfully implemented various strategies to monetize its services. From offering premium features to businesses to exploring digital payments and data sharing, WhatsApp has carved out a unique revenue model in the tech industry. As the messaging landscape continues to evolve, WhatsApp’s monetization strategies will undoubtedly adapt to meet the changing needs of its user base.



About This App

Save and categorize bookmarks from apps or browsers. Access them quickly and easily

Save anything you discover: books, articles, shopping, news, recipes… Manage all of them in one app and view them later using a highly customizable display.

No Ads!! No mandatory login!!

Keeplink also collects, when possible, the url image and url title you are saving to automatically populate the other fields.

Everything is nicely placed using icons which allow you to use the app in a more visual way.

You can create a “Private” category with a password to save them privately.

You can keep a backup of your links, categories and subcategories in case you change or lose your phone.


Keeplink bookmark management app provide you all the features you need:

– Easy organize bookmarks within categories with your favorites icons
– You can manage bookmarks by categories and subcategories.
– It’s easy to find the web page you want to view because the app adds a icon and thumbnail of the web pages.
– You can easily add a bookmark by using “Share” menu of your browser.
– All the features you need to edit a bookmark: title, tag, note, move
– Not obligatory login, you can enjoy 100% functionalities without login
– Search bookmarks by : title, tag…
– Register using Email, Google, or Twitter.


You can customize a variety of settings to suit your taste, e.g. categories background theme, app color…


-You can create a backup file with your bookmarks and categories.
-You can restore your data from backup.
-Automatic Backup implemented. The backup is performed automatically by your device on Google Drive (you must enable it, normally is within Settings > System > Backup). The data is restored each time the app is installed from the Play Store during device configuration.
-If you allow Keeplink, it can do it all for you, it creates a “Keeplink File” to easy restore your data in any device also with different accounts


– You can import HTML file from your computer browser with your bookmarks
– You can export your bookmarks and categories by transferring a HTML file.
– You can export your bookmarks and categories by transferring a “Keeplink File”.


.-To get bookmark title and image.

.-To export bookmarks to files in external storage.


HDO box

About This App

Watch Live TV, stream free TV shows, and enjoy movies anywhere with Plex. Plex is subscription free streaming that brings over 600 channels of your favorite TV shows, free movies, and Live TV straight to you. Watch movies, browse free TV shows and choose from countless Live TV options from anywhere, on any device.

Watch movies, free Live TV, and more on Plex. Easily stream popular TV series and discover new ones with over 50,000 free TV options available. Plex is free TV streaming for the whole family – from food to news, sports to kids, international content and more!

Watch free movies in a few taps. Stream movies free from A24, Crackle, Paramount, AMC, Magnolia, Relativity, Lionsgate, and more! Watch movies anywhere from every genre – action, kids’ movies, dramas & so much more. On Plex, you’re sure to find video content everyone will love.

Free Live TV is just a tap away with Plex. Dive into over 600 free TV channels such as The Hallmark Channel, BBC Top Gear, PBS Antiques Roadshow and more! Stream TV favorites like The Walking Dead Universe, Ice Road Truckers, Game Show Central, and NBC News Now when you download.

Stream movies, watch live TV and enjoy music anywhere with your own personal collection of content. With your Universal Watchlist, you can seamlessly organize all of your media and access it on all of your devices. Stream music and podcasts free and listen to all of your favorite audio content.

Stream free TV shows and movies easily. Watch movies and TV for free when you download Plex today!


– Live TV shows and channels at your fingertips
– Stream TV series favorites and free TV shows for the whole family
– Enjoy better Live TV streaming free with brand new TV channels from AMC Networks

– Stream live TV with over 600 TV channels
– Watch free TV content for the whole family! Stream kids’ shows, news, sports, and more
– Live stream news from CBS, Financial Times, Euronews, local TV channels and more
– Watch TV series, news and sports when you upgrade to the ultimate Live TV experience
– Free TV shows and TV streaming so you can watch your way

– Stream movies for free on demand, anytime, anywhere
– Free movies and films for everyone – from cult classics, to new movies
– Watch movies online instantly with tons of categories to discover
– Watch action movies, kids’ movies, anime movies, dramas, comedies and more right from your device!

– Plex scans and organizes your files, automatically sorting your media beautifully and intuitively in your Plex library
– Organize personal content, search your favorite podcasts, discover new ones, and stream free music
– Store all your personal media such as music, movies and TV shows, and stream them on any device

Visit https://www.plex.tv/free for more information.

Note: If you’ve already purchased the app through Google Play Store or you have a Plex Pass, you do NOT need to purchase again! Your previous purchase will be automatically detected.

Note: Media playback from your Plex Media Server on mobile devices is limited (one minute for music and video, watermark on photos) until the app is unlocked. To remove playback restrictions, upgrade to Plex Pass -OR- make a small, one-time, in-app purchase. If you have a Plex Pass or you’ve already purchased the app through the Google Play Store, you do NOT need to purchase again! Your previous purchase will be automatically detected. Streaming personal media requires Plex Media Server version and higher (available for free at https://plex.tv/downloads) installed and running to stream to other devices. DRM-protected content, ISO disc images, and video_ts folders not supported. Some features of this app are supported by interest-based advertising, to learn more about this and your choices regarding it visit the Plex Privacy Policy.



About This App

Tooly is a very useful app that contains a lot of beneficial features, if you are a student, teacher, developer or person who does office work , Tooly is the most useful tool app for you , Tooly offers text tools, calculation tools, colors tools , image and other offline tools to make your work easier and simpler.

Tooly consists of six sections, each one of them includes several tools :

– Text tools: this section provides you with a huge number of tools that help you with your texts. You can use stylish font to convert your text into a cool text with various types of styles. Moreover, there is japanese emotion that provides you with many Japanese emojis to add more dramatic effects to your content. In addition to a variety kinds of tools that can change and enhance your text.

– image tools: this section contains some helpful tools that can change your image’s structure. If you want to resize your images or create a rounded photo, use this helpful segment.

– Calculation tools: This section has a number of tools organized into 5 sections. You can use the algebra section to solve simple and complex mathematical calculations. You can use the geometry section to find any area, perimeter, or other shape-related information in 3D bodies or 2D shapes.

– Unit converter : this section contains various units of measure, weight, temperature… .

– Programming tools : this section enables you to create an organized page for your codes using development tools

– Colors tools : this tool provides you with several choices of colors tools .

You can access all kinds of tools quickly using search bar inside the app , including Images Tools, Text Tools, Calculators, Unit Converters, Development Tools and more are coming soon.

Tooly gathers all the tiny tools you need into one place.



About The App

Allows analyzing (or sharing) URLs before opening them.

This application acts as an intermediary when opening url links. When you do so, a window containing information about the url is displayed, allowing you to make changes to it as well.
Specially useful when you need to open an external link either from an email, a social network app or others.

URLCheck is developed by TrianguloY, originally for personal use. It is open source (under CC BY 4.0 license), free, without any ads or trackers, light sized and using as few permissions as necessary (only the internet permission, for module checks that will only be performed when the user request them). The source code is available on GitHub too, if you want to suggest changes, perform modifications or propose a new translation:

The app is structured with a modular setup, you can enable/disable and reorder individual modules, which include:

  • Input text: Displays the current url which can be edited manually. Can’t be disabled.
  • History: View and revert any change from other modules, including edits from the user (typical undo/redo feature)
  • Log: Keeps a log of all checked urls, which you can view, edit, copy, clear…
  • Status code: By pressing the button a network request will be made to retrieve that url, and the status code will be displayed (ok, server error, not found…). Additionally, if it corresponds to a redirection, press the message to check the new url. The url is fetched, but not evaluated, so redirection based on javascript won’t be detected.
  • Url Scanner: Allows you to scan the url using VirusTotal, and check the report. A free personal VirusTotal API key is needed for it to work. VirusTotal™ is a trademark of Google, Inc.
  • Url Cleaner: Uses the ClearURLs catalog to remove referral and useless parameters from the url. It also allows for common offline url redirections. Built-in catalog from
  • Unshortener: Uses https://unshorten.me/ to unshorten urls remotely.
  • Queries remover: Displays the decoded individual url queries, which you can remove or check.
  • Pattern module: Checks the url with regex patterns that warns, suggests or applies replacements. You can modify or create your own patterns, or even use user-created ones.
    Built-in patterns include:
    • Warning when contains non-ascii characters like greek letters. This can be used for phishing: googĺe.com vs google.com
    • Suggest replacing ‘http’ with ‘https’
    • Suggest replacing Youtube, Reddit or Twitter with privacy-friendly alternatives [disabled by default]
  • Hosts checker: This module labels hosts, configured either by specifying them manually or by using a remote hosts-like file. You can use it to warn about dangerous or special sites. The builtin configuration specifies StevenBlack’s hosts (adware/malware, fakenews, gambling and adult content) from
  • Debug module: Displays the intent uri, and optionally info about the ctabs (custom tabs) service. This is intended for developers.
  • Open module: Contains the open and share buttons. If a link can be opened with multiple apps, an arrow will be shown to let you choose. Can’t be disabled.


About this app

Prank your friends with TJoke.
Create fake Followers and Go Live fake and fool your friends.

TJoke Fake Chat lets you create realistic mocks of chat conversations, Live, and Posts, and share them with your friends. Create Prank contacts and conversations and have fun with your friends and family.


  • Create Multiple Fake Accounts
  • Create Video and Image Posts with Likes and Comments
  • Fake Live Simulator
  • Create Fake Live for Contacts
  • Fake Followers and Following
  • Automatic Chat with Chat Bot
  • Realistic Screens

DISCLAIMER: This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not affiliated with any other app in any way. This app does not try to compete with or replace the original.
We do not allow users to purchase followers or like on the original app.


Battery Charge Alarm

About This App

Full Battery Charge Alarm lets you know when your battery is fully charged🔋, so you can unplug your phone/tablet.

Stop unnecessary charging, take care of your device, save power and electricity.✔️

New optional beta feature, low battery alarm/charge reminder (turn it on in settings first to use the feature), helps you charge your device on-time too!🔌

With configurable alarm options such as alarm ringtone, you can customize the alarm the way you want it to be.

Designed with simplicity in mind to make sure it’s simple for everyone to use.

How to use
Open the app, enable the alarm, change the settings if needed (ringtone, vibration, etc.), that’s it!

⭐️ Helps you unplug your phone/tablet on-time.
⭐️ New optional bonus feature (beta): Low battery alarm/charge reminder (you can enable this & configure the percentage in settings).
⭐️ Set custom alarm ringtone (in the app settings), or disable sounds for the alarm.
⭐️ Use or disable vibration for the alarms.
⭐️ Material design looks.
⭐️ Simple and easy to use.
⭐️ Fast and lightweight.
⭐️ No bloat/unnecessary features.
⭐️ Clean and simple user interface.
⭐️ Free!


Parallel Live

About This App

Parallel Live is a fake live stream that allows users to experience fame! The audience is AI generated and responds to you. Have fun talking to your fans or prank your friends.




About this app

Turbo VPN – The most secure Android VPN! Improve your online browsing, gaming and communication experience!
No matter you are in office, school, home or any public place, Turbo VPN can secure your online activities and help you enjoy the web, app and game resources with ease, privacy and high speed.

Turbo VPN – The most secure VPN
– Turbo VPN protects your network under WiFi hotspot or any network condition.
– Multiple protocols like IPsec, ISSR, SSR, OpenVPN (UDP / TCP) to ensure your network connection and mask your online identity.
– Military-grade AES 128-bit encryption to guard your sensitive data wherever you are.

Access web with super fast Turbo VPN
– Access the web resources, social network, videos, forum, news, shopping websites, apps or online banking services at stable and super fast speed under security protections of Turbo vpn.
– No worry about the unvailable access problem, because when the network condition is unsatisfying, you can connect to Turbo VPN free vpn proxy server or dedicated premium server to optimize the network.

Free VPN servers and dedicated premium servers all over the world
– Turbo VPN helps you connect to the server location of America, Canada, Malaysia, India, UAE, Singapore, UK, France, German, Spain, Russia, Australia, etc.
– Dedicated servers for games and videos can optimize your network to watch the videos on different platforms smoothly and play mobile game of different regions.

Unlimited free VPN app:
All Android users can connect to free VPN proxy servers for free and enjoy the free VPN servers without time or speed limitation.

Easy-to-use VPN
One tap to connect to the free VPN proxy server. Turbo VPN works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers and is compatible with all kinds of browsers.

Download the secure, fast and free Turbo VPN! Secure your online activities and enjoy the web and app resources with ease, freedom and security now!

User Terms:
By downloading and/or using this product, you acknowledge and agree to the end user license agreement and Privacy Statement at:

Our 24/7 customer support team is always here with you. Contact us If you have any queries: turbovpn@inconnecting.com


Don’t touch my phone

About this app

Don’t Touch My Phone is a popular anti-theft and phone security app with over 20 million downloads in 2023. This Android app protects your phone with motion detection, anti-pickpocket protection, and charger removal alerts.

🚨 Smartphone security features:

Anti-touch motion alarm detector with intruder alert for android phones (Don’t touch my Phone among us)
Anti-Pickpocket protector (Thieves hate this phone security app)
Charger Removal Alert ( Don’t remove charger – charging security alarm)

🚨 Prevent unauthorized access with quick and easy setup

1️⃣ Press START to activate the Anti Theft Alarm.
2️⃣ Place the device on a fixed place e.g. Table
3️⃣ Your phone is now secured.

🚨 This is how this phone security app will protect your smartphone:

Loud antitheft alarm is triggered when:

🔌 Charger is disconnected from your phone.
🖐️ Your phone is picked up from the table.
👮 When your phone is stolen from your pocket.
🔒 Your friends or family members snoop into your phone without your consent.

🚨 Other phone security apps free features – Don’t touch my phone privacy android app:
– PIN Code for Extra protection
Fingerprint accessible to Switch off the alarm.
Disconnect Charger alarm – An alarm will sound when someone tries to disconnect the charging cable from your device.
Light flashes when the alarm is triggered for hippo theft protection.
Add delay to Alarm Sound – Sound will trigger at set time..
Setup custom alarm sound- record, or use sound of choice.
Anti Theft alarm -to secure your precious smartphone. Find out immediately who tries to unlock my phone. Use a mobile touch alarm with a motion alarm detector. Don’t Touch My Phone – Anti-Theft Alarm phone security app that takes a pic. The utmost reliable.

🚨 The best security and anti-theft android protection for FREE When the alarm is activated the thief CAN’T reduce the alarm volume even if your Phone is in silent mode App runs in the background even when the phone is switched off making your phone hippo theft protection. Thieves hate this phone theft protection app! Ever wondered – Where is my Phone? Is it safe? Who is trying to access my phone all the time, without permission? Somebody nosy at the office? Record your own voice message and set it as an alarm ringtone. Nosey people will freak out! Anti theft phone application once installed on your phone will help you find the thieves and pinpoint their exact location. Don’t touch my phone privacy app is good against thieves, kids, noisy people and it’s a fantastic security system. This Antitheft app is one of the top security apps for android phone free – developed by Our studio. Install and enjoy for free.

🚨 Use Don’t touch my phone application for your smartphone security:
– Discover Who is trying to touch your phone.
– This simple security life-lock identity theft protection app has secured my phone several times. Are you afraid your phone will be stolen? Thieves hate this burglar alarm!
– Your friends are snooping into your phone to try and read your texts or private emails without your permission.
– Afraid to leave it alone in public places like school or the airport? Use a charging alarm.
– Your kids, siblings, family members or coworkers are using your phone when you’re not around
– Jealous partner is always snooping into your mobile phone?
– Who touched my phone
– WTMP? Who tried to unlock your phone.

🚨 NEWS Our application Anti-Theft phone alarm app “Don’t Touch My Phone” is one of the most downloaded security apps for android phone, free!