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About this app

AppDrop is your one stop shop for uninstalling batches of apps in one go.

If you’re someone who has a lot of unnecessary apps taking up valuable space on your phone, then AppDrop is the tool for you!

Gone are the days of having to sift through your app drawer to uninstall several apps in a row, which takes far too many clicks and taps. Instead, let AppDrop do all the heavy lifting for you. Simply tap and select as many apps as you like, hit uninstall and away you go!

You can sort your apps by size, view your apps in grid view, search across all the apps on your phone and even quickly view any apps uninstalled via AppDrop. And even better yet, the doesn’t require root access or request any permissions.

AppDrop has a beautiful design, with eye-catching animations throughout, and it even has an elegant dark mode, to save your eyes at night.

In addition, if you upgrade to AppDrop Premium, then you’ll gain access to extract app APKs directly to your phone’s local storage.

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