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Appkan oo faahfaahsan halkan ka daawo

About this app

Easily record videos and continuously record when the app is in the background and supports multiple languages. Save recorded videos to Google Drive and DropBox.

It’s super easy to use! And the best part? Its free!

🔥 Why you must use this app for video recording?

We know that privacy and data security is important, so we make sure that it is protected in the best way while you are enjoying your video recording. All your recorded videos will be saved only on your local device. We never make backup copies of your videos.

⬇️ Fast Start
Support volume keys, power key, shake to start video recording.

Supports 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P etc.

The user can record videos for a long time using this mode. You no longer have to worry about the size or length of the video because after 30 minutes it will continue to record videos to a new file one after another infinitely. Displays date and time stamp on the video.

+ SCHEDULER : Schedule your camera to record video at specific time.
+ LAUNCHER ICON STARTER : Start/stop video recording by tapping the green lunch icon without opening the app.
+ MACHINE LEARNING : Detects a human face and start video recording.
+ CAMERA FEATURES : Supports auto white balancing with multiple advanced options.
+ GOOGLE ASSISTANT : Supports Google assistant for start video recording e.g. “start video recording using Background Video Recorder application”.
+ PASSWORD : Supports password to protect your app from outsides.
+ VIDEO EDITOR : Trim videos after you record them.
+ Enable/disable camera preview views
+ Enable/disable camera shutter sounds
+ Geotagging video files (Note: The is an optional feature, you need location permission for this, the gallery app will use the geo position of the video)

Download now! It’s the perfect app for video recording! If you like it, share it with your friends!

All feedback and feature requests can be sent to the following email

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