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Take control of your time with BlockSite – the ultimate app blocker and website blocker! Stay focused, avoid procrastination and improve your productivity with one of the highest-rated focus apps.

If you’re looking to stay focused, increase your productivity, and limit screen time, BlockSite is the app and solution for you.

Blocking distractions to stay focused has never been easier with BlockSite. Simply add websites, apps, keywords and categories you want to temporarily block into your block list and see the difference in your screen time control. BlockSite works with all major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more.

Block Apps Now!

We’re happy to introduce our App Blocking feature, new to iPhone devices! Seamlessly block those distracting apps that constantly take your attention with notifications, temptations to check, and more. With one tap, you can block all of them.

More Favorite Features:

– App Blocking

– Block List

– Schedule Mode

– Block by Keyword

– Category Blocking*

– Password Protection*

Features Built To Help You Stay Focused and in Control

Password Protection

Keep yourself focused and on task with password protection. Protect the settings and blocked pages you create with a password so you aren’t tempted to break your focus.

Category Blocking

With Category Blocking you can block thousands of websites and apps in one tap. The categories we offer are: adult content, social media, shopping, news, sports and gambling

Block by Keyword

Block websites with specific keywords. For example, if you block the keyword ‘face’, you won’t be able to access any websites with a URL that contains the word ‘face’ – like Facebook for example.

Schedule Mode

Create daily schedules and daily routines for when you need to stay focused with Schedule Mode. Set exact days and times for when you can access certain websites and apps and when you want to block sites and apps.

Block List

Block sites and apps with your Block List. Once you add distracting sites and apps to your block list, BlockSite will ensure that you don’t visit them while they’re activated.

App Blocker

For the ultimate self control and ability to stay focused, try our app blocker feature. Block any app you want for however long you want.

Customer Reviews:

”Very helpful for keeping you focused, and I love that they incorporated features to be able to change the message and image when an app is blocked.”

“I love it. Very easy to use. I’ve had this app for months now and I have seen some improvement with not being on social media or other sites that much/at all.”

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