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Are you tired of Blurry(Low- Quality) videos & Photos in WhatsApp status? Then the “PureStatus” App is made just for you, When you upload a video status, WhatsApp reduces the video size, resulting in reduced video quality, but “PureStatus” will reduce the size of your video very precisely so that there will be the highest possible HD Video Quality on your WhatsApp status.

For doing so, you just need to Download PureStatus App from the play store or app store then open it, select a video, compress it, and then share it to your status. Done!! you can view crystal-clear HD videos on your WhatsApp status.

for getting the best result out of “Pure Status” please read below.

1. Do not edit or crop video after compression, otherwise, its quality will be lost.

2. Do not compress previously shared videos of WhatsApp, as their quality has already become low, and Low-quality videos will not be improved for status. So, Always Compress High-Quality Videos in PureStatus.

3. You can check whether your video status quality is improved or not by Uploading Both PureStatus’s compressed video and your Uncompressed video on status.

4. Use verticle video & photos in Status as they have more viewing area and they are the most popular on mobile phones.

🔧 Please Keep In Mind 🔧

1. PureStatus App will not improve your Original Video Quality but it will stop your HD video from getting blurry in your Whatsapp.
2. Photo function is for uploading hd status only, If you send it in chats, it will be sent as a video.
3. Video Splitter Function is only for uploading longer videos in status. If you use it for chats, they will be sent in 30 seconds parts.

Don’t worry! Now your whatsapp status’s image and video quality will not be reduced by using our video compressor app, no more video quality loss when you send HD status video in WhatsApp or upload HD video status in WhatsApp, and now with the help of pure status there will be No more much pixel loss in Sharing WhatsApp Status.

The eye-catching difference between uploading an unconverted video and a converted video of PureStatus. After the video is compressed here, there will be a minimum quality loss when you send the video and pics in WhatsApp status.

Post a WhatsApp status without compromising status video quality. The art of pure the Pixel is a very Nice process for making HD video status. Pure status app has a video splitter also. This HD Status Video Maker can compress HD videos to share on WhatsApp social media without losing their quality.

With the help of PureStatus HD status compressor, you can post high-resolution videos in WhatsApp Status. clean or Pure the Pixel of HD Video Status helps you to post high-quality HD status videos and images in your status, So the Pure status HD Video compressor app is the easiest way to enhance video quality in your status.

This Video resizer app is able to compress your video to less size with high quality for posting HD video on WhatsApp status.

Did you experience low-quality video & photos in Your WhatsApp status?

Do you know how to reduce video size without losing its quality?

We have a solution to all the above problems. Install the “Pure Status Bye Bye Blurry Status” Video Converter and get rid of those all issues!

Other benefits As below.

Free up space on the device

Videos are important, but space on a smartphone is limited. Stop deleting your favorite HD videos, and Useful apps to free up space. Use a video compressor to resize videos with minimum quality loss.

Our Video Splitter can split lengthy videos into multiple parts of 30-sec videos for stories, so you can easily upload your long videos to WhatsApp status. This video Status splitter for HD WhatsApp status videos is very accurate in splitting the video with keeping the best HD video status quality, so Longer videos will be split into 30-second clips to easily upload long videos to the status and to keep the best video quality for Status.

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