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Handwriting to text

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OCR handwriting to text converter scan handwritten and convert to editable text.


Have you just been to a lecture where you took notes with a handwriting font?
Want to convert your handwriting to editable text on your phone?

Use the simple, yet accurate Handwriting to Text Converter app. Our OCR handwriting to text converter comes with an inbuilt scanner that quickly analyzes your handwriting and turns it into usable text.

❌ No more having to physically rewrite your written notes!

✅ Now you have our handwriting to text scanner to instantly convert them to text.


From the creators of one of the best scanner image to text apps, here comes new simple handwriting to pdf converter with intuitive UI. App Suite’s new OCR image to text app is specially designed to recognize handwriting fast. Simply open the ocr handwriting to text app and choose between two options:

📁 Pic to text from the gallery: Use this feature when you have the handwriting image on your phone’s gallery.

📸 Handwriting to text from camera: Use this feature when you want to scan cursive handwriting font from a paper/book/notebook using your camera.

Then you can use the converted text to copy, save, or print it. Additionally, you can use our app as a pic to text scanner and convert text from papers, books, or any image. This makes our handwriting to text converter app super handy for students, educators, trainers, office workers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and anyone that frequently needs to grab text from multiple sources.

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