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StayFree & Screen Time Tracker

Analytics to help you understand and control your app and website usage, leading to less distractions and enhanced productivity.

What is StayFree?

StayFree – Screen Time Tracker is an analytics, self control, productivity, and phone addiction controller app. StayFree provides analytics to help you understand how you spend your time on your phone and focus your time by restricting the usage of distracting apps & websites.

What makes StayFree special?

* We are now multi-platform! StayFree is available across all of your devices

* Extremely fast and user-friendly interface

* Most accurate usage statistics

* Quick customer support

* Cross-platform usage statistics and analysis

StayFree – Screen Time Tracker helps you:

* overcome phone addiction

* stay focused

* self-control

* reduce screen time

* reduce distraction

* boost productivity

* unplug more often

* increase your digital wellbeing

* understand your screen time

* spend quality time with family or yourself

* reduce wasted time with digital detox

Extension’s Features:

* Usage history: statistics of your daily app & website usage history.

* Over-use reminder: notify you when you are spending too much time and start your digital detox.

* Block mode: temporarily block any website that you are over-using.

* Cross-platform: StayFree is now multi-platform! Save time on all your devices by linking the iOS app to our Chrome and Firefox extensions.


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