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Unveiling the Best Unknown Tech Gems in the United States

In a world dominated by big-name tech companies and widely recognized innovations, there exist hidden gems waiting to be discovered. The United States, a hub for technological advancement, is home to numerous lesser-known yet incredibly impressive tech innovations. In this blog, we delve into some of the best unknown tech treasures that are making waves across various industries in the US.

Luminar Lidar Technology

While Lidar technology is not entirely unknown, Luminar’s approach to it deserves attention. Luminar has developed a cutting-edge Lidar system that boasts unparalleled range and resolution, making it ideal for autonomous vehicles and other applications requiring precise 3D mapping. With its potential to revolutionize transportation and urban planning, Luminar’s Lidar technology is undoubtedly a hidden gem in the tech landscape.

Atom Computing’s Quantum Computers

Quantum computing is often associated with major players like IBM and Google, but Atom Computing is quietly making strides in this space. Using neutral atoms trapped in arrays of optical tweezers, Atom Computing is developing quantum computers with the potential to outperform existing systems in terms of scalability and error correction. Their innovative approach holds promise for tackling complex computational problems across various fields, from cryptography to drug discovery.

Ginkgo Bioworks’ Synthetic Biology Platform

Ginkgo Bioworks is at the forefront of synthetic biology, yet many are still unaware of the transformative potential of their platform. By leveraging genetic engineering and automation, Ginkgo Bioworks can rapidly prototype and scale the production of bio-based products, including fragrances, food ingredients, and even COVID-19 vaccines. Their technology opens up new possibilities for sustainable manufacturing and personalized medicine, making them a hidden gem in the biotech industry.

Wright Electric’s Electric Aircraft

While electric vehicles have gained widespread attention, electric aircraft are still relatively unknown to many. Wright Electric aims to change that with its innovative propulsion systems for commercial aircraft. By eliminating the need for fossil fuels, Wright Electric’s electric propulsion technology promises to reduce emissions and operating costs for airlines while opening up new opportunities for regional air travel. With partnerships with major airlines underway, Wright Electric is poised to disrupt the aviation industry.

Gauss Surgical’s AI-powered Blood Loss Monitoring

Gauss Surgical has developed a groundbreaking AI-powered platform for monitoring blood loss during surgery, yet its technology remains under the radar for many. By analyzing images from surgical sponges in real-time, Gauss Surgical’s system provides accurate and timely feedback to healthcare providers, enabling more precise interventions and improved patient outcomes. With its potential to prevent complications and reduce healthcare costs, Gauss Surgical’s technology represents a significant advancement in surgical care.

    The United States is brimming with innovative tech companies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and while some may fly under the radar, their contributions are no less impactful. From advanced Lidar systems to quantum computers and electric aircraft, these hidden gems are shaping the future of technology and driving positive change across industries. By shedding light on these lesser-known innovations, we can appreciate the breadth and depth of America’s tech landscape and the countless opportunities it holds for innovation and progress.

    facebook instagram

    Facebook and Instagram restored after outages

    Meta said it has fixed a “technical issue” that caused Facebook, Messenger and Instagram to go down. Hundreds of thousands of users around the world were left without access for about two hours on Tuesday.

    When I tried to log in to a website or app, I received an error message and was unable to update my feed as usual. Mehta also apologized to those affected and said the issue was resolved as soon as possible. The outage affected multiple countries, according to tracking website Down Detector.

    Meta’s platform is one of the most popular in the world. Facebook has 3 billion monthly active users, while Instagram is expected to reach 1.4 billion worldwide later this year. Twitter rival Threads, launched in 2023, also reported an outage.

    WhatsApp (including Meta) was not affected. Meta experienced its biggest outage in 2021, with founder Mark Zuckerberg apologizing for the disruption he caused. During this time, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram services were down for almost six hours.



    About This App

    What is Amarok?

    Amarok is an Android application which enables you to hide your private files & apps with a single click.

    Amarok is designed to be a light-weight hider for files and applications:

    • It disguises file names and headers, causing them to seem “corrupted” and unopenable.
    • Amarok deactivates applications, rendering them invisible in the launcher and system menu.


    • User-Friendly: Easily hide files and applications with a single click.
    • Rapid and Efficient Large File Hiding: Hides by altering only file name and signature, unaffected by file size.
    • Root-Free Application Hiding: Makes apps vanish from the launcher. Compatible with Root, Shizuku, Dhizuku, and DSM modes.
    • Panic button: Use a floating button to quickly hide applications and files in urgent scenarios.
    • Quick Settings Tile: A control center toggle for immediate hiding, bypassing the need to launch the app.
    • App Lock: Secure Amarok access with a password or fingerprint.
    • Pleasant Interface: Clean and attractive Material3 design.
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    how to see whatsapp deleted messages by sender without any app

    Millions across the globe now rely on WhatsApp as a primary means of communicating, enabling swift messaging and media sharing alongside voice calls. But one feature that continues to fascinate is the ability to access deleted messages. Users can erase their texts within certain limits, but even so it’s feasible for recipients or third parties alike to retrieve them nevertheless. This article explores how you too can recover these hidden messages sent through WhatsApp: read on for full details!

    Comprehending the Mechanics of Erased Messages

    Users can utilize WhatsApp’s “Delete for Everyone” function to remove messages from chat threads within a limited time frame, deleting them from both the sender and receiver. This feature allows users to correct errors or retract unintended texts while also arousing curiosity about their contents after deletion. Luckily, there are methods available that do not require external tools or applications to reveal these erased messages.

    Utilizing alerts to their full potential

    To retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages, one approach is to rely on notifications. When a sender erases a message, the app generates an alert that notifies of its deletion. Although the actual text content cannot be viewed in this notification, it serves as an indicator that something was removed. By promptly checking and accessing the notification panel after receiving such alerts for deletions , users may temporarily read or see snippets of the missing message before they’re permanently gone from sight.

    Chat history archiving

    One other method is to save chat history on WhatsApp. Whenever a person deletes a message, it vanishes from the conversation but might still be stored in the saved chat records. By going to archived chats section under settings on WhatsApp, people can examine previous discussions and stumble upon deleted messages that they may have missed or forgot earlier. Consistently archiving chat records with care helps retain erased messages for future use using this technique.

    Using WhatsApp Web

    WhatsApp Web, which serves as the desktop version of WhatsApp’s mobile application, provides an additional option for retrieving erased messages. Usually when a sender deletes something from their phone device, this modification will synchronize across every connected gadget such as WhatsApp Web. Nevertheless, some deleted content may briefly appear on WhatsApp web prior to its complete eradication. By rapidly logging into WhatsapplWeb immediately after receiving notification about deletion users might be able to glimpse at erased information before it ceases completely vanishing.

    Factors to be Prioritized

    It is important to keep in mind specific constraints and ethical considerations despite the possibilities provided by these techniques for accessing erased WhatsApp messages.

    1. Promptness is crucial when viewing deleted messages due to their time sensitivity, as they may disappear swiftly from notifications or temporary displays.
    2. Show respect towards the privacy and consent of the sender while trying to access erased messages. Do not exploit any apparent opportunities or interfere with the sender’s rights to confidentiality.
    3. Changes to WhatsApp’s features and functionalities may affect how deleted messages can be viewed. It is important to stay up-to-date with platform updates in order to adjust your methods accordingly.

    ages. Overall, although the feature provides some benefits, it also raises questions about the deleted content.


    How to use Google’s Gemini chatbot on iPhone: step-by-step 

    Google’s Gemini is also predicted to update Google Assistant on Android phones and the employer is also checking out the function with a handful of customers.
    in the meantime, for iPhone users (where Siri is the default digital assistant), Google is yet to release a devoted Google Gemini app. however, the Gemini chatbot may be accessed on iPhones from the Google app. customers can without difficulty enable Gemini on their iPhones and get it working.
    The Google app lets you carry out online searches at the iPhone. That includes Google Lens searches and searches with the aid of voice. The default version of Gemini is available without cost. iPhone users don’t need to upgrade to the priciest Google One cloud storage plan to get get entry to to Gemini.

    matters to consider

    it is important to observe that users who need to get admission to Gemini on their iPhones will have to be signed into their Google account on their smartphones. which means that iPhone customers won’t be able to use Gemini without an account or in incognito mode. users may also ought to agree to the terms of provider, so as to notify them that Google will acquire all Gemini data to improve the AI model.

    the way to use Gemini on iPhone: Step-by-step manual

    • To get started with Gemini on iPhone, load the Google app and ensure that it’s going for walks the most latest version.
    • If Gemini is available for their account, users could be able to see a tab to interchange to the chatbot at the top of the Google app
    • you can use this toggle to exchange between normal Google search and Gemini.
    • The Google seek tab has the word “seek” on it subsequent to the Google brand, even as Gemini will have a blue star on its tab.
    • right here, Google will ask the person the agree the terms of carrier wherein the agency will accumulate statistics to train the chatbot
    • once you’ve agreed, you could chat with Google Gemini on iPhone through keyboard or voice.
    • You’ll also be capable of upload images for multimodal chats with Google.

    different Shortcuts to get admission to Gemini on iPhones

    There’s no manner to update Siri with the Google Gemini assistant on the iPhone. but, the movement button at the iPhone 15 pro and 15 seasoned Max may be set to open the Google app at the present day pro models. this can assist customers to have faster get admission to to Google Gemini. other iPhone users can use the Shortcuts app to launch Gemini on their telephones, with out installing any apps.

    Google explains the cause to acquire statistics

    Google received’t permit customers to get entry to Gemini in the event that they don’t agree to its facts series. Gemini explains: