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Read your script with a teleprompter app and record a video from the camera.

Best Teleprompter app for Mobile.

Read your script with a teleprompter app and record a video from the camera or mobile phone.

You read a pre-prepared script while recording yourself using the front/back-facing camera. Simply press record and read the script as it scrolls down the screen. As the script scrolls next to the camera lens, so you look like you’re talking to your audience when you are actually reading!

This Teleprompter app will reduce your time to record video, and make your presentation more confident and attractive.

Best features of Teleprompter with video audio WITHOUT EXPENSIVE DEVICE

  • Using front and rear-facing cameras record your video.
  • Record your video in landscape or portrait.
  • Record HD video with high frame rate based on what your device supports.
  • TXT, DOCX, DOC and PDF file script import supported.
  • Easy way to change Text size
  • Change the text speed with easy way
  • Record Audio using in-built and external microphones.
  • Display a 3×3 or 4*4 grid to help you position yourself.
  • Add your brand logo on your recorder device.
  • Save without any watermark.
  • Add your brand to your stories with the Teleprompter with video audio. Add your Quality title and your custom logo.
  • Widget supported.
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