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Locker for Whats Chat App is the best WhatsApp chat locker app for Android.

Looking for a WhatsApp locker app that can help you keep your individual and group chats safe from prying eyes? If yes, then your search ends with Locker for Whats Chat App by Systweak Software. The WhatsApp chat locker can help protect media files, chats and the entire WhatsApp application from unauthorized access.

Using Locker for Whats Chat App, you can lend your Android phone to a friend, colleague, or family member, and needn’t to worry about anyone spying on your WhatsApp. It is a WhatsApp fingerprint locker which makes it safer compared to others.

With this private chat locker, you do not have to stress about your personal and sensitive chats being exposed. Even in the event that someone is able to identify your smartphone’s passcode, he or she won’t be able to access your WhatsApp chats. As you can lock your WhatsApp chats individually as well as the entire app with this locker for WhatsApp.

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