About This App

BleKip is an app which can keep the device awake, showing a black screen on the display. It keeps the apps running and videos playing, while reducing the battery consumed by the screen.

Usefulness and core fuctionalities of this app:

(1) Keep the device awake, when needed:

When the device’s screen is off, it goes to sleep mode. It transfers work to low-power CPU cores and reduce network capabilities. It can also stops background tasks anytime. This sleep mode can save the battery. But in some cases, we may need to keep the device awake for the critical tasks.
For example :
(a) While downloading the large files which may fail if the device goes to sleep mode.
(b) While playing videos in the apps which can’t continue playback if the screen is off.
(c) While performing CPU-demanding tasks, and while loading large critical content in the apps; which should not be stopped or slowed down when the screen goes off.

BleKip can help in such situations. BleKip keeps the display on and the device awake, while showing a black screen on display with lowest level of brightness.

(2) Save battery consumed by the screen:

When it is required to keep the screen on for long period of time, BleKip can help reduce the battery consumed by the screen.
(a) For OLED displays: OLED display does not consume battery while showing a full black screen.
(b) For non-OLED displays: Battery is saved by setting the the screen brightness to its lowest possible level.

(3) Prevents burn-in on OLED screen:

Displaying a static content on OLED screen for very-very long period of time, can cause permanent burn-in. When it is required to keep the screen on for long period of time in order to keep the device fully awake, BleKip can help preventing the burn-in on OLED screen. BleKip shows a full black screen on display, all the pixel are turned off. which prevents burn-in.


How to use BleKip?

Simply open the app, and turn on the “BleKip” switch. You can also add a shortcut of BleKip to the notification drawer, so that you can quickly open it from anywhere anytime without minimizing the currently active apps.


😀 No internet permission, Completely offline 😀
BleKip doesn’t have the internet permission (network access permission). (You can check this in “App permissions” at the bottom of the “About this app” section on its Play Store page.)

🤩 No Ads | ad-free FOREVER, for all users.🤩
BleKip is an ad-free app. It does not show any kinds of ads on its UI.

Our official website:
To send feedback/suggestions, report bugs or for other queries, Contact us:



About This App

Elevate your device’s visual experience with Wallaxy – Ai Wallpapers, the premier choice for transforming your Android device into a personalized masterpiece. Immerse yourself in a world of expertly crafted and remastered AI-generated wallpapers, ensuring each pixel is a unique work of art. Whether it’s your home screen, lock screen, or desktop, Wallaxy guarantees to turn every glance into a visual delight.

🎨 Key Features:

Exclusive & High-Quality:
Discover exclusive wallpapers, meticulously crafted by our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, and remastered by skilled designers for pixel-perfect details.

Daily Wallpaper Updates:
Experience a constant flow of new and exciting options with 2 to 4 free wallpapers added every day and a new collection introduced weekly.

Diverse Collection:
Explore a wide range of collections, from nature landscapes to vibrant illustrations, ensuring there’s something for every mood or occasion.

Customization Options:
Personalize your wallpapers by adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation levels to perfectly match your device’s display.

Random Option:
Let AI surprise you with unexpected artworks that might become your new favorites.

Powerful Search:
Effortlessly find the ideal wallpaper with our powerful search tool based on themes, color patterns, or subjects.

Save your preferred wallpapers to access them easily later.

🚀 Why Choose Wallaxy?

⭐ Access a vast collection of AI-generated and designer-remastered wallpapers for a truly unique and high-quality visual experience.
⭐ Enjoy daily updates, ensuring a fresh and aesthetically pleasing lock and home screen every day.
⭐ User-friendly interface for a seamless and intuitive experience.

🔗 Connect With Wallaxy:

📧 Have questions or suggestions?

Reach out to us at Please note that refund requests are not accepted as you can immediately access purchased wallpapers.

Download Wallaxy – Ai Wallpapers today and immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities in wallpaper customization!



About The App

TeraBox is a FREE cloud storage tool for documents backup, files sharing and video storage. Get 1TB (1024 GB) of secure cloud storage, transfer files across your all devices, share it with family and friends.


FREE cloud drive for backup your documents safely

* 1024GB of free cloud storage to back up all your files.

* Upload multiple types of files to TeraBox.

* Multiple privacy protections.

* Share files in Terabox via iMessage

* Safely storage your files with any devices.

* Quickly access recent and important files.

* Intelligent classified album.

* Sharing the files privately.

With TeraBox cloud drive you can:

– Get huge cloud storage space

Install TeraBox now to get 1024 GB cloud space and save your documents anywhere.

– Automatic files backup

Cloud storage and backup your files anywhere.

– Multi-device sync

Sync files across all your devices anywhere (available for iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux and any popular web browser).

– Intelligent album

Automatically categorize all the photos you upload. Easy to find out the photo you want in intelligent classification of the album.

– Find files faster

Search easily for files by name and classification.

– Secure file sharing

Share your documents with permissions. (People need your special code to access your sharing, or you set the link public for anyone to see.)

– Privacy protection

Multiple protection mechanisms to guarantee your account security.

– Share files via iMessage

In iMessage, you can directly send photos or videos in Terabox to your friends

TeraBox achieves commercial functions. On the basis of the 1TB free large space function, Premium members can acquire more high-quality benefits: 2TB large space, download high-speed channel, video 2.0x speed playback, video automatic backup, 1080P playback, super large file upload, etc.

[Premium Membership Program Description]

-Subscription period: 1 month (continuous monthly purchase), 1 month (non-consecutive months purchase), 3 months (continuous quarterly purchase), 12 months (continuous annual purchase).

-Payment: Premium membership products include “continuous month purchase/discontinuous month purchase /discontinuous season purchase /discontinuous year purchase”

-Automatic repurchase: APP Store account will be automatically deducted within 24 hours before expiration. If the withdrawal is successful, the subscription period will be extended by one cycle. Please pay close attention to your subscription and deductions, because Google will cancel withdrawals from time to time during the deduction period instead of canceling your subscription.

-Cancel repurchase: If you want to cancel the automatic repurchase, please cancel 24 hours before the current subscription expires.

Any questions for TeraBox (FREE 1024 GB cloud storage & automatically back up all files), Please contact us:



About this App

All video downloader for social and HD movie, MP3 download & video converter mp3

The Best Free Private HD Video Downloader & File Saver! Quickly and easily download videos in all video formats, enjoy 4x faster download speed and top notch security for your video files!

AhaSave All video downloader auto detects videos. Download videos with just one click using this video downloader. AhaSave All video downloader is a powerful download manager, you can pause and resume video downloads, download video in the background, and download multiple videos simultaneously. Using AhaSave All video downloader, you will be able to fast download and play the video offline. This Free Video Downloader & Video Saver app is 100% free with all the features you need to manage downloaded videos easily and share them with your friends! A reliable and secure video downloader!
The ultimate video downloader app with a built-in browser and player!
Say goodbye to video buffering and hello to smooth, offline video playback.
How to Use AhaSave All Video Downloader in 3 easy steps:

  1. Use the built-in browser to browse videos
  2. Play the video; it will auto-detect videos
  3. Tap the download button
    Done! 😎


About This App

GBWhatsApp Pro

Among the many sought-after additions to WhatsApp functionality is the ability to use two accounts at once, which usually yields results for third-party and unreliable and memory-hogging cloning apps. GBWhatsApp Pro is a non-official app to solve the problem differently.

By using GBWA Pro directly to allow for two users on the same phone, GBWhatsApp Pro offers all the benefits but none of the storage space and RAM-related drawbacks of app cloners. This third-party app allows the user to take advantage of exclusive features not available anywhere else, such as chat themes, hidden read receipts, app locks, multi-user functionality, and more.

GBWhatsApp Pro – Top Features

With GBWhatsApp Pro on your Android device, The following features will be available. These won’t be found on standard WhatsApp instances, so they are worth reading about to understand what they offer.

Themes: Themes were included in the GBWA APK, and they are now one of the mod’s best features. They allow you to change your app layout whenever you like, as many times as you like. Several themes are already available, and the developer is adding more continually.

Privacy Options: GBWhatsApp Pro includes additional privacy settings that aren’t available in the official app. These allow you to hide/show your online status, hide/show blue ticks, and hide/show double ticks, typing status, etc.

App Lock: The app lock allows you to require a Pattern, PIN, Password, or Fingerprint to enter the app and access your messages. This adds a layer of security and keeps your messages hidden even from people who have access to your phone. PIN and Password can be shown while you type them if you wish.

No Contact List Required: With GBWhatsApp Pro Pro, you can send messages to any number, regardless of whether they are on your contact list or not. They need only have that number registered with WhatsApp to receive your text.

GBWhatsApp Pro – Additional Features

Media Sharing: With WhatsApp, you can share all kinds of media, from documents to images to GIFs and videos. However, you are capped at a relatively small file size for this media transfer. With GBWhatsApp Pro Pro, this limit is increased to 700MB, a significant improvement for things like sharing long videos.

Full Resolution Image Sharing: While the image compression that WhatsApp performs may make sending images a little faster, the resulting quality is quite poor, especially if you want to use the pictures you send on other social media. GBWhatsApp Pro allows for full-resolution image sharing. No more grainy or pixelated photos!

Pin Chats: Up to 1000 chats can be pinned with GBWhatsApp, instead of just three.

Call Privacy: Certain numbers can be blocked for certain times of the day, ensuring you have complete control over your privacy.

Stickers: Play Store stickers are available, as found in, for instance, Facebook Messenger.



About This App

Are your travel memories fading away in dusty photo albums? It’s time to bring them to life with Travel Animator!

Embark on a journey of creativity and storytelling with our innovative animated travel mapping app. Just like the popular Travelboast app & Mult dev, Travel Animator, one of the best travel map animation maker app is here to help you create travel blogging in an exciting & dynamic way. Share your animated travel route map with your friends & families.

🌍Travel Map Animation Maker: Share your travel routes:
With Travel Animator, your travel experiences come to life like never before. Create stunning animations of your travel mapping, turning static photos into animated masterpieces that capture the essence of your wanderlust.

🗺️Interactive Travel Maps:
Plot your journey on interactive travel maps to give your audience a real sense of place. Highlight key landmarks, activities, & hidden gems along the way. It’s like having a personal animated travel mapping that comes to life with a touch of your finger.

📢Share Your Animated Travel Route Map:
Share your animated travel stories effortlessly with friends, family, & fellow travelers. Whether it’s on social media, or directly within the app, inspire others to embark on their adventures.

🌟Key Features:
User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive & easy-to-use, Travel Animator is designed for travelers of all levels to create travel blogging.
Animation Styles: Choose from a variety of animation styles to suit your travel memories.
Map Integration: Seamlessly integrate maps into your animations and showcase your travel route.
Share with the World: Share your animated travel maps on social media or privately with friends & family.

Why Choose Travel Animator?
Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a weekend wanderer, Travel Animator is your perfect companion for reliving & sharing your journey mapping experiences. Our user-friendly interface & creative tools make it easy for anyone to become a travel storyteller.

Don’t let your travel memories gather dust. Download Travel Animator today & turn your adventures into animated masterpieces that will inspire & amaze you!

Get ready to create your journey mapping with Travel Animator, one of the best travel map animation maker app!

app icon

Dillal – Buy, Sell and Smile

About This App

Dillal is much more than a simple classifieds app. Millions of people around the world have used dillal to buy and sell both new and second hand items giving used things a second life and preventing more waste.
Dillal App offers an interface that is user friendly and lets you find and make great deals for your Mobile Phones, Electronics, Cars, Home, Houses, Apparel Fashion, Pets, Kids Products and much more.

There are 13 major categories and more than 60 sub-categories available for Dillal users on the biggest classifieds platform in somalia.

Features offered by the dillal app are listed below:

1 – Sell just about anything by posting an ad.
2 – Manage your ads on the go – change, remove or re-publish your listings seamlessly.
3 – Find exactly what you need close to you with our advanced search and filters saving your time & efforts.
4 – Chat privately with sellers and negotiate prices safely.
5 – We take no commissions on deals made through our platform.
6 – Traders can promote their postings to get a better response and more visibility on the platform.

Download the Dillal app! The fast, easy, and safe way to find, buy and sell new & pre-owned items locally.


Fast HD

About This App >

SnapLink HD Video Downloader – help you to Download video, Photo and much more

Easily download videos and music directly from the Internet onto your device. All formats are supported. 100% free, with no restrictions or download limits!

Video downloader auto detects videos, you can download them with just one click. The powerful download manager allows you to pause and resume downloads, download in the background and download several files at the same time. Preview the video first, fast download and play it offline.

SnapLink Features

  • Browse videos with the built-in browser
  • Play videos offline with the built-in player
  • All download formats supported, mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, mov, avi, wmv, etc.
  • Auto detect videos and easily download
  • Full-featured download manager to pause, resume and remove downloads
  • Download several files at the same time
  • Save downloaded files in a password-protected folder
  • Download videos in the background
  • SD card supported
  • Resume failed downloads
  • Fast download speed
  • Check the progress in the download bar
  • HD video download supported
  • Large file download supported
  • Download video, music and pictures

How to Use This Video Downloader

  • Simply paste the Video link, and you’re set!
  • Tap the download button
  • Done!

Free Video Downloader:
Enjoy unlimited video downloads with no restrictions or download limits. Download as many videos as you desire with complete freedom.

Social Media Downloader:
Effortlessly acquire videos from all major social media platforms with SnapLink Lite!

Social Media Video Downloader:
Stay connected with your favorite social media content offline by using our dedicated social media video downloader.

Video Saver:
Save your cherished videos directly to your device’s storage and access them anytime with our convenient video saver app.

Video Downloader Manager
If you are looking for powerful video downloader manager, try this video downloader manager to download video, you won’t regret it!

Browser Private Downloader
The best browser private downloader and browser downloader. This browser downloader can keep your videos safe. Download with this browser private downloader and browser downloader.

Download Manager
Download manager for video download. Enjoy your downloading with this download manager.

Fast Video Downloader
Wanna download video with fast speed? Try this fast video downloader to download video. It’s the simple and fast video downloader for video download in the market.

Video Downloader App
This video downloader app help you download video with just one click. Enjoy video download with this free video downloader app.

Download Video
If you’re looking for video, you really need to try this download video app!

SnapLink Lite Video Downloader operates independently and is not officially affiliated with Facebook, Instagram, Threads, or any third-party apps or companies. This app provides a convenient mobile platform for personal video downloads from social media platforms.
All trademarks, logos, and names mentioned in this description are the property of their respective owners, used solely for user guidance.
Please note that unauthorized downloading of copyrighted materials may infringe upon intellectual property laws. The app creators are not responsible for any such misuse by users



About This App

Automatic reply and scheduler in WA with bots, tasks, notes and reminders

Schedule messages and auto reply for WhatsApp, WhatsApp business, Viber, Signal and FB Messenger.
Auto send messages with images, connect your chats to your Google Sheets or cloud, Monitor chat groups for topics and follow specific friends, turn messages into tasks, notes and reminders all from within your favorite social messenger app.

★ Auto reply to messages
★ Auto reply with location
★ Auto save messages as tasks or notes with bots
★ Schedule messages and images
★ Auto unlock device with swipe or PIN Code
★ New chat menus – Double click any message to show new options
★ Follow chats for keywords, topics, links, emails, etc.
★ Send your WhatsApp messages to Google sheets
★ Send your WhatsApp messages to external server

Wasavi works with:
WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Viber, Signal Private Messenger

Permissions required:

  • Draw on top of other apps – To show floating menus in messengers.
  • Accessibility Service – Used for automation.

This app is NOT affiliated with WhatsApp.
WhatsApp is a registered Trademark of Facebook Inc.

universal copy

Universal Copy

About this app

Universal Copy is the fastest way to copy text on Android, even from the apps that won’t let you or inside images.

In any app, launch Universal Copy, select the text you want to copy, it’s done!

Easy. Simple. Super fast.


– Normal mode: copy text from any application such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Chrome, WhatsApp, Tumblr, News Republic, Snapchat…
– Scanner mode: copy text inside images (OCR technology). It currently works with Chinese, Devanagari (Hindi…), Japanese, Korean and Latin (English, Portuguese…) character sets.
– Smart detection of entities: addresses, emails, phone numbers, @, #… are automatically detected by Universal Copy.
– Copy-Paste in 1-tap: perform quick actions (translate, locate, share…) on the text you selected. This saves a lot of app switching.
– Scroll mode: select texts from multiple screens or apps to copy them all.
– Harvest mode: launch Harvest mode and capture all entities that you encounter while you navigate.

The Camel Corp Team is working on a new messaging app that blends innovation, privacy, and creativity. Join the waiting list here:


You can use Universal Copy to:
– copy Youtube comments (the app normally prevents you to)
– copy text that is inside an image
– copy all the text that appears on your screen
– copy all the text from multiple pages and apps (with scroll mode)
– extract an address inside a text message and open Google Maps to locate it in no time
– detect multiple hashtags on Instagram or Twitter and copy them all at the same time, even they are not originally next to one another
– extract all the accounts tagged in a post or comments

These are only a few examples, the possibilities with Universal Copy are limitless!


1. Go to the App / Picture / Document you want to copy text from
2. Launch the Universal Copy mode from your notification bar or via a shortcut. Select Normal or Scanner mode.
3. 🪄 The magic happens: Universal Copy smartly detects all text areas and extracts addresses, emails, phone numbers, @, #…
4. Select the text(s) you want to copy or a quick action (translate, locate, share…), it’s done!


1. Download and install the app
2. Activate the Universal Copy accessibility service (Settings > Accessibility). This service is required for the app to work properly.
3. Universal Copy is ready, you can launch it anytime via: your notification drawer, a tile, a long press on a physical button of your phone

Note: The service can be deactivated automatically by your Android system, then you should enable the setting ‘let app run in background’ in Universal Copy and disable battery optimizer for Universal Copy. Unfortunately, this matter is out of our hands.


Universal Copy is free to use and contains ads.
We believe that everyone should be able to copy in any app. That’s why we decided to make Universal Copy free for everyone. Ads suck, but that’s the only way for our team to keep on improving Universal Copy for you.
Universal Copy Plus removes ads and shows us your support.

★ Featured by Android Police ★

★★★★★ Do not hesitate to rate the app and write a review if you like Universal Copy

This app uses Accessibility services. (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE to access the text displayed on your screen to be able to copy it)