About This App

Tooly is a very useful app that contains a lot of beneficial features, if you are a student, teacher, developer or person who does office work , Tooly is the most useful tool app for you , Tooly offers text tools, calculation tools, colors tools , image and other offline tools to make your work easier and simpler.

Tooly consists of six sections, each one of them includes several tools :

– Text tools: this section provides you with a huge number of tools that help you with your texts. You can use stylish font to convert your text into a cool text with various types of styles. Moreover, there is japanese emotion that provides you with many Japanese emojis to add more dramatic effects to your content. In addition to a variety kinds of tools that can change and enhance your text.

– image tools: this section contains some helpful tools that can change your image’s structure. If you want to resize your images or create a rounded photo, use this helpful segment.

– Calculation tools: This section has a number of tools organized into 5 sections. You can use the algebra section to solve simple and complex mathematical calculations. You can use the geometry section to find any area, perimeter, or other shape-related information in 3D bodies or 2D shapes.

– Unit converter : this section contains various units of measure, weight, temperature… .

– Programming tools : this section enables you to create an organized page for your codes using development tools

– Colors tools : this tool provides you with several choices of colors tools .

You can access all kinds of tools quickly using search bar inside the app , including Images Tools, Text Tools, Calculators, Unit Converters, Development Tools and more are coming soon.

Tooly gathers all the tiny tools you need into one place.

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